Why is Suwal International College an ideal academic choice?

Run under the effective management of highly spirited professional team of intellectuals, Suwal International College is focused on accomplishing the following tasks to meet its objectives:


  • To impart valued education for transformation of the personality and transformation comes from value education.
  • To promote education as the most required domain for a better society leading to a better nation.
  • To help the students find the best institution that can bridge the differences of national and international educational system.
  • To acquaint the students with the recent trend observed in global education.
  • To prepare skilled human resources to be outsourced in diverse sectors of competitive market.
  • To provide the platform for every individual to explore their potentialities.
  • To bring into notice the technological knowhow for a better understanding of the contemporary workplaces

NEB Programs offered for Plus Two:

TU Programs offered for Bachelors:
B.Sc.(hons) Cyber Security and Networking
B.Sc. (hons) Computing
B.Sc. (hons) Information System


We give a home to those away from home in our facilitated hostels. Accommodation is given on the first-come first-serve basis due to the number of overwhelming students.

The college provides easy and comfortable vehicle connecting various road networks of Bhaktapur to the prime location of the college at its cheap and best cost.

Our library is the place where keen learners will come across the most splendid and updated collection of internationally standardized textbooks, reference books, pleasant books of literature, research and project reports, audio—visual materials and even we provide online access to national and international library networks for the aspiring students.

Infrastructural module of Suwal International College is quite a remarkable aspect for all. The students here will experience an amazing sophisticated laboratory of Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects along with high-tech computer labs. Each student gets an individual instrument to carry out experiments in well-organized spacious laboratories. As for computer practical classes, students will have the opportunity to use branded LED computers to understand the technological breakthroughs of recent time. All the practices are done under the thorough observation and supervision of respective subject teachers.

The spacious and open air cafeteria within the college premises is another prominent feature of Suwal International College. Health always gets affected with the food that we eat. Considering this fact, the cafeteria maintains the highest standard of hygiene. We make sure that the students get the best quality food that meets the health standard. The menu changes on a daily basis so that there is a variety and the students get a wholesome and balanced diet.

Why Higher Education?
Why Higher Education?

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Career prospects in IT
Career prospects in IT

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Career Advise for Management Students
Career Advise for Management Students

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