Diploma in X-ray Technology

Diploma in X-ray technology is a 3 years undergraduate course. It deals with electromagnetic radiation that enters the human body and depicts solid structures in photographic film.

This course requires minimum eligibility of 10 with minimum marks or any equivalent. This course includes several hands-on sessions.

The admission process in this course is conducted on the basis of the candidates performance in their high school exams.

After completing the course, students can get the job likely X-Ray technician, Assistant X-Ray technician etc and alike in hospitals, clinics, medical labs, out-patient care centers etc.

Diploma in X-Ray Technology: Highlights

Course Name

Diploma in X-ray Technology

Course level

Undergraduate Degree.


3 years.

Examination Type



10 completion.

Admission Process

Entrance exam based / Merit based.

Course Fee

3 Lakh

Average Starting Salary


Top Recruiting Companies

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical labs, Govt. Hospitals etc.

Job Positions

X-ray technician, Assistant X-ray Technician, Radiologist, Teacher etc.


Diploma in X-Ray Technology: What is it About?

The healthcare industry is expanding and professionals in various fields are needed to ensure a well-managed healthcare sector in a country.

  • This course deals with the electromagnetic radiations that enter the human body and create images of internal structures in photographic film. After the doctor deals with the problem and treats them.
  • This course helps the students to acquire the knowledge to perform in the laboratory tests, general radiography and electrocardiograms and many more tests with the technology of electromagnetic radiations.
  • Diploma in X-ray technology is a course where students can learn how to prepare a patient undergoing X-rays and electrocardiogram procedures and the process is carried out carefully.
  • Students conduct veni-punctures and injections as well as office laboratory tests.

Why Study Diploma in X-Ray Technology?

The goal of obtaining a Diploma in X-ray Technology degree depends on the aspirations and goals of each individual.

  • Reputed Professions: Diploma in X-ray technology is a very high demand field where students can learn and find the job opportunities after completing the course.
  • Pay Scale: After completing the course the students are on the higher side for both public and private sectors. The work of a Diploma in X-ray technology undergraduates students involved in X-ray technician, assistant X-ray technician, Radiologist etc.
  • Career Opportunities: The candidates can pursue a stable career path in radiology/radiography. There are very limited opportunities after Diploma in X-ray technology.

Diploma in X-Ray Technology: Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants who have completed their high school education in class 10 with science subjects as their major discipline with minimum marks obtained in the examination are eligible for this course.
  • Some colleges/universities require the scores in the entrance exams based on the subjects covered and may consider the scores.

Merit Based Admission

The candidates can apply to Diploma in X-ray Technology colleges providing admission to this course. The candidates must follow the admission rules while applying to colleges.

  • The interested candidates will be asked to appear for the selection process as described by the colleges/ universities.
  • The candidates visit the official website of the institute for the admission application form.
  • The careful applicants fill the application form with correct details and upload the required documents in the ethical dimensions.
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