BA LLB Course: B.A LLB course is a five-year integrated course for the students who want to pursue their career in the law sector. It is a dual degree course for a career in administrative law. One part of course being a bachelor’s degree in arts, the course contains various arts subjects such as English, Economics, Political Science, World History, Sociology and Sociopolitical issues. As the other part is related to law, there are some specialized law fields that the students get to know such as Criminal Law, Patent Law, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Tax law, International law and Labor law.

Aspirants seeking to start a career in law can join this course after completing their 12th board exams. The semesters in this course includes both arts and administrative law subjects.

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Despite the classroom teachings, candidates are given law case studies to solve, the court environment, seminars and interactive sessions with some experienced advocates or judges. Candidates are also required to do an internship in some law firm during their summer vacations to gain knowledge on how a law firm operates.

Importance of B.A LLB Course

Aspirants who are interested in pursuing their career in law are suggested to start their career with this dual degree. A candidate choosing this dual degree course to continue with can have the option of skipping the bachelor’s degree course as a bachelor’s degree is already included in the B.A LLB course, a bachelor’s degree in art is included in this course.

Candidates pursuing their studies with this integrated course get more career options as compared to other candidates. This course develops the skills and abilities of the candidate and helps them become professional.

This course helps the candidate to explore their knowledge in different platforms and different law-oriented seminars.

Skillset Required for BA LLB Course

A candidate needs to have the required skill sets to be successful in a particular course. Different courses require different types of skill sets. Similarly, for a candidate pursuing a career in B.A LLB course requires some skills which will help him to qualify this course without any difficulties.
The skills required by a candidate doing this dual degree are:
  • Hard-working – A candidate planning to start his/her career with this dual degree needs to be a hard worker so that he can deal with the pressure of the course and improve his skills with a lot of hard work. Becoming a professional in the law field requires a lot of hard work.
  • Confidence – The candidate needs to be self-confident and should have no doubt about himself. There is no place for candidates who doubt their abilities and are fearful. A candidate needs to be self-confident to overcome any hurdles coming his way.
  • Persuasiveness – The candidate should possess persuasive skills. The candidate should have the power to change the point of view of others and should have the skills to motivate somebody to again review his commitments. This skill is very important for candidates pursuing their career in law.
  • Objectivity – A candidate has to give his professional interests the first priority and keep his personal interest aside. A candidate cannot let his personal interests to hamper his decisions in the law field.
  • Integrity –  A candidate should respect others and the ones with whom he/she works in the workplace. Lacking these skills can be a high barrier for candidates in their way of becoming a professional lawyer.

BA LLB Course Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria in order to get admission into a B.A LLB course.
The candidate must have passed the 10+2 exam in any stream from a recognized university. Some universities fix minimum marks as an eligibility criterion such as a general category candidate need to secure a minimum of 45% mark to qualify whereas an SC/ST candidate is required to have a minimum of 40% mark in 10+2 exams.

BA LLB Course Duration

The B.A LLB course is a five-year integrated course. This five-year is divided into a total of ten semesters.

BA LLB Course Career Options

Candidates after the completion of degree can get a wide range of job opportunities from different job profiles. Some of the job profiles are:
  • Lawyer – A lawyer advises his/her clients regarding civil and criminal court cases. A lawyer represents his/her client in the court for a particular case and attends every proceedings and hearing.
  • Solicitor – A solicitor is an expert in some areas of law such as tax, litigation, family or property. They usually advise private and commercial clients in legal matters.
  • Public Prosecutor – They are responsible for attending the court hearings and proceedings on behalf of the state or central government. They fight different civil and criminal cases for the state or for the public interest.
  • Teacher or Professor – After completion of the dual degree in B.A LLB, a candidate can opt to work as a teacher or a professor in different colleges or universities.
  • Legal Advisor – Their work is to advise multinational companies on different grounds such as income tax, corporate tax, copyright claims, etc.

FAQ’s on BA LLB Course

Question 1.
Is BA LLB a good choice?
Candidates interested in pursuing their career in the field of law are suggested to this course as this course can turn to be the right choice for them and their career.

Question 2.
Is LLB or B.A LLB better
Candidates can pursue an LLB course after the completion of their graduation so it will take a total of six years to complete both the courses because graduation takes three years to complete and LLb is also the same. But in the case of B.A LLB, a candidate can complete both the courses simultaneously in an integrated course of five years. This will save a year for the candidates which they can use to pursue some other course.
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